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A state in which your mind is quiet, so your soul can speek.

Feel rather than think. Be rather than appear.

Become fully present and build awareness of your creative power.


Art and Yoga play a perfect inter-action for the same message of the soul. With the inner knowing that being UNIQUE, we still are all part of the SAME.

FLOW is about doing what you love! Being fully present and enjoying every bit of Life!

Through YOGA, let go of your active mind and arrive in the moment.

Through ART, express your soul’s vision, guided by your intuition. Embody your inner artist and be surprised what you are capable of!

Dive into a feeling of freedom in your own space.


Lea Schoeder

the passion of sharing

Art Designer - Lea Schroeder


In my Life and in my Design activities, YOGA has always been my secret love and the GOLDEN THREAD bringing me back to what truly matters. I am also qualified Yoga teacher with a 200YTT in Portugal (2021) and a 300YTT in Thailand (2022).

Based on the deepest beliefs gained on my personal journey, I designed a workshop program linking ART & YOGA!  Because they are two different means, but with the same message.


Open to absolutely everyone, it offers a moment of awakening the senses for creative development. 

Indeed, working with our hands is an innate source of happiness to all humans. Actually, TOUCH is the first sense that we develop as a foetus. 


Join me to experience a GATEWAY from the mind into the heart. 

I believe 

  • that it is important to honor our cultural & spiritual heritage and to share our knowledge and life lessons while acknowledging each and everyone's unique path.

  •  that there is magic in crafts when giving shape to feelings & intuition through your hands, as a tool of your soul.

  •  connection and community through creation, that everyone is creative in his/her own way, and in putting our gifts at the service of human growth. 

  • that ART is healing and that making & surrendering to any form of creation in following your heart will set you free.

Lea Schroeder


meet our team...

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